Vocational Education


Starting March 2015 AGBK has been focusing on providing an extracurricular education Two main professional areas in particular - Food Management and Financial & Business Management were re-designed to prepare students for employment as well as enable them to entry to the final (top-up) year of an undergraduate degree programme in the future. The use of practical approaches to learning aims to equip the students with necessary skills that are essential for their future career.

For those students who are serious about getting a job and a career with prospects - the extracurricular sessions is one of the best ways to achieve their ambition. Study methods include project work, team and group work, presentations and case studies. The academic,        university education tends to be theoretical whereas the employers

are seeking practical skills that are offered     through vocational education. 


The Partnership Agreement with Scottish Qualifications Authority (UK), global education provider, delivers such a solution embedding two education/essentials in one - theory and practice. They aim such learning is to develop the high-level transferrable skills and academic knowledge that are required for degree study or work.

Nowadays, in Kazakhstan, employers’ main emphasis is on professional qualifications gained in English which is the major obstacle for jobseekers.

Therefore, importance of English language qualifications in Kazakhstan is getting higher value each year.

The vocational education is designed to equip learners with 5 core skills that might be crucial in business environment. There are:                                 

  • Communication
  • Numeracy                                                              
  • ICT
  • Problem Solving                                                    
  • Working with Others

On top of all, study process is delivered in English. Thus, the learners who have completed their education will be able to continue their studies abroad as well as apply to a well-paid job.



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